Whenever you use your stair climber, it sends you a daily report and tells you what it did. By accessing the password-protected client account area, you can check the work of your fleet of Zonzini stair climbers.


Connected is better.

Having a stair climbing trolley connected online means being able to check its work every day, its state of health and easily scheduling the next maintenance job. Furthermore, Zonzini can connect with your device and identify any anomalies that could have appeared during the use of the stair climber, allowing us to offer an excellent after-sales service.


Wherever the GSM network is present, which is the most widespread network in the world, you can be connected to the Zonzini cloud and have access to live information on the status of your stair climbing robot.

Remote software upgrades

Having Zonzini connectivity means having the advantage of being able to receive software upgrades in real-time. If there is any way to improve the performance of your stair climber, you will become aware of it and receive it immediately.

Live report

You can know the state of health of your stair climber, the total number of working hours, whether software upgrades are available, and the events that characterised the most recent transport to understand if its limits of use were respected.

Zonzini Plasmoid Electronics

The most powerful and advanced electronics ever installed on an electric stair climbing trolley.

Domino Plasmoid

Exclusive load calibration function - thanks to the Plasmoid electronics, the inclination angle of the load surface is chosen automatically by the machine. The relative angle will match each load, independent of shape or size.

Domino Plasmoid Stabilized

In addition to the load calibration, in the stabilised version, the Plasmoid electronics communicate with the operator about the presence of steps and whether the sensors on the stabilising arm, with which it’s equipped, are working properly. This guarantees to maximise the safety during transportation.

Skipper Plasmoid

Plasmoid electronics enable the automatic adjustment function of the load surface angle. This allows Skipper Plasmoid to automatically maintain the transport angle chosen by the operator

Buddy Plasmoid

Plasmoid electronics allow you to quickly and effectively change the position of the crawler tracks. This guarantees easy and immediate use.

Buddy Lift Plasmoid

Aside from automatically changing the crawler track position, Plasmoid electronics also allow you to lift the load and to improve the transport conditions.

We bring quality and innovation to over 40 countries worldwide

We are an Italian company, proud to bring Made in Italy quality to the world.

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We like to do things properly

Our objective is to improve the everyday lives of those who have to handle large, heavy or challenging loads every day. "Safety" is the core of our job. We offer solutions that are highly efficient but easy to use.

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