Electric Stair Climbers
For loads of all types up to 880 lbs

Our powered stair climbers are suitable for any type of staircase and surface. Equipped with powerful electric motors, our stair climbing trolleys and sack trucks can transport all kinds of goods with a maximum load capacity of up to 400 Kg (880 lbs). They're suitable for any type of staircase and surface. Zonzini stair climbers can be equipped with just tracks or come as hybrids with tracks and wheels. They have been designed with the stated aim of eliminating physical exertion when carrying heavy loads on stairs, no matter what model is chosen.

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Transporting goods safely and efficiently

We develop and produce our innovative powered stair climbers with a high quality standard. All over the world, a Zonzini electric stair climber is synonymous with safety and reliability in stair transportation.

Electric motor, Plasmoid technology

Our electric stair climbers for transporting goods are equipped with the new Zonzini Plasmoid technology. This state-of-the-art digital technology allows you to communicate in real time with the stair climber via the Internet, wherever you are in the world: 

You can know the number of operating hours of the stair lift, any anomalies, battery charge, and much more.

Zonzini Plasmoid is also an advanced load management system for transporting any type of goods up and down stairs. Thanks to the digital calibration system, the Domino Plasmoid for example recognises what it's transporting and determines the correct inclination of the load based on the volume and weight for this particular object.

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DIY electric sack trucks and tracked stair climbers

When you buy an electric stair climber from Zonzini, you increase the productivity of your business, because one person can transport heavy loads of up to 400 Kg (880 lbs) in complete autonomy and with maximum safety. 

The transport begins when first loading the goods into the commercial vehicle, and it ends when reaching the required floor of the stairs, without the operator becoming stressed or physically over-exerted. That's why they're considered the complete electric stair climbers for all DIY requirements.

Versatile, multipurpose electric trolleys

Thanks to the wide range of accessories, our stair climbers with tracks and hybrid electric stair climbing sack trucks become multipurpose trolleys for transporting all kinds of goods on any type of situation and surface. Our machines are incredibly powerful and safe for transporting basically any object. 

They are also the perfect carts for transporting furnishings and machinery; HVAC systems, household appliances, vending machines and even for home deliveries.

Check out the "What do you transport?" section to find the exact model best suited for your needs and find out what it can do.

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Transportation on stairs with Zonzini electric stair climbing trolleys

Have a look at the case studies of some of our customers and find out why Zonzini stair climbers are perfect for the everyday jobs of transportation on stairs.
Versatile and multipurpose, safe and efficient on any type of stairs and surfaces, our tracked and wheeled trolleys are used throughout the world for the transport of all kinds of loads, heavy and bulky material and a variety of goods on stairs.

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