Twenty Two Bishopsgate London

12 Tonnes With a Zonzini

Posted: March 18th 2020

We have been working at the Twentytwo commercial skyscraper in London helping them move 12 Tonnes of slabs up 57 floors. 22 Bishops Gate is a commercial skyscraper under construction in the City of London financial district which will stand 278 m tall with 62 storeys once completed.

We used the Zonzini Domino to safely transport 12,670KG (12 Tonnes) of slabs up to floor 57 and 58 of the new building.

You can find out more about the development at the dedicated website for 22bishopsgate.

The Domino Stair Climber

Our Zonzini Domino Automatic provides a safe and stable design which can be used on any type of stairs.

The automatic feature allows the operator to simply drive the Domino while it tilts the load on the stairs automatically. With a switch to change to manual mode at any time this makes transporting large goods safer and easier than ever whilst still being in full control at all times.

With an even weight distribution on a staircase the operator does not have to keep the trolley balanced. The special crawler tracks ensure the load always remains safe with no risk of slipping.

The Zonzini Domino is available with a wide range of accessories to compliment your work environment and make moving large or heavy loads easier.


We provide training with all our products to ensure they can be used to their full potential safely. Offering a range of certified course for all our products which combine both theoretical and practical elements.

Our product range can help you manage the health and safety elements within your workplace.

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Zonzini at 22 Bishopsgate

Our Zonzini Domino made light work of the slabs getting them up 58 floors.

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