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Zonzini UK ltd are the sole UK distributor for the Zonzini product range. Zonzini is an Italian company, that have, for over 40 years developed and established itself as a leading producer of electric stair climbing trolleys, that meet all transport needs. Zonzini is currently in more than 30 countries worldwide with Zonzini UK being part of this extended Zonzini family.

Zonzini UK is a family run company based in Nottingham. We are proud to be able to supply and support the UK market with the Zonzini leading automated stair climber’s product range.

All our products ensure comfort during use, safety and reliability. They are made in accordance with an in-house set of rules and regulations relating to quality that has long made them synonymous with top quality, gaining trust from our customers. We are aware that, in this sector, requirements vary from one customer to another, which is why our greatest value is to know how to listen.

Our customers have always been our most precious asset, and our priority is to listen to them and assist them. Therefore, the daily goal of our technicians is to analyse their every need in order to use this information to make improvements and develop increasingly advanced solutions.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and support the UK market with the Zonzini product range. Our stair climbers can transport a weight up to 400kg on any stairwell and our agricultural range can transport up to 1200kg, safely and conveniently. Our products help you adhere to the manual handling guidelines by dramatically reducing heavy load risk to the end user.

Our Values

Zonzini’s vision is to continue to operate at the cutting edge of technology, respecting all aspects of the environment and creating value for all those who see stairs as a challenge – turning them into an opportunity.

At Zonzini UK we will continue to work with our customers, listening to the feedback we are given and adapting our service to fit better in the UK market place. We look forward to long standing customer relationships and in helping businesses grow with the help of Zonzini products.

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