Domino People Slim

Crawler track stair climbing trolleys for wheelchair users

A Concentration of Technology

Domino People Slim is the only stair climbing trolley in the world that concentrates so much technology. It basically has the same size of a traditional crawler tracks stair climbing trolled, but it offers unique characteristics. It is equipped with independent crawler tracks that can be used to correct the trajectory while traveling on the staircase or rotating 360 degrees; it offers an automatic tilt system for the wheelchair on stairs, making the task much simpler for the operator and it is equipped with 3 internal wheels for moving it from one staircase to another.

Domino People Slim Stair Climber

Easy to Use and Safe

Plane movement is acheived through three puncture-resistant wheels, while the crawler tracks are used to pass steps and tilted planes.

Traction on the crawler tracks is supplied by 2 independant electric motors, it is therefore possible to change direction or pass spiral staircases.

Load tilt occurs automatically, but the operator can decide to change it at any time by pressing a button.

Hook for Hand Operated Wheelchairs

The guides for the larger wheelchair wheels are easily accessible and can be customised even for extra large wheelchairs. The upper anchoring hooks are telescopic and height adjustable, these make it possible to hook on to most wheelchairs available commercially.

Crawler Tracks Suitable for Internal & External Surfaces

Domino People Slim is equipped with wider crawler tracks compared to the traditional crawler track stair climbing trolley, which therefore allow greater grip on the staircase making transport more comfortable and safe.

It is also possible to travel over different surfaces, from the most delicate to the more rough, including external stairs.

Compact Dimensions for unique Performance

It is possible to carry hand-operated wheelchairs up to 160 Kg with extreme safety and absolute travel comfort.

The evolved electronics that Domino People Slim is equipped of make it possible to adjust movement speed depending on how the joystick is moved, making the passenger experience unique and safe.


Manoeuvring in Narrow Spaces

Manoeuvring in Narrow Spaces

The independent crawler tracks with double electric motor allow the trolley to rotate 360° and provide maximum manoeuvring comfort even in narrow spaces.

Travel Comfort

Travel Comfort

The trolley can transport either hand-operated or powered wheelchairs. The person is transported sideways, allowing him/her to look the operator in the eyes.



Non-marking and non-slipping crawler tracks, suitable for all indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Irregular Steps

Irregular Steps

You are no longer restricted by the height of the steps, since it can also go up irregular steps.

One Finger Control

One Finger Control

It is operated with a proportional joystick, making it easy-to-use and intuitive.

Movement on Flat Surfaces

Movement on Flat Surfaces

The trolley moves on flat surfaces on three puncture-resistant wheels. The front wheel is equipped with a brake and can be taken off.



DOMINO PEOPLE SLIM adjusts the load tilt of the wheelchair on the staircase on its own, taking a lot of stress off the operator during transport.

Domino People Slim Stair Climber

Technical Specification

Total weight of device:

92 kg (battery included)

Weight of the towing chassis devoid of removable components

60 kg

Weight of the battery box

16.5 kg

Maximum capacity

160 kg

Minimum viable staircase width

78 cm

Minimum space for manoeuvre on the landing

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Load surface tilting

Automatic and Manual (double operating mode).

Wheelchair wheel armrests

Removable and possibly customisable for extra large wheelchairs.

Wheelchair loading platform

Standard dimensions width 70 cm, depth 87.5 cm. Possibility for customisation for different requirements.

Movement on surface

Manual, on sliding wheels/Motorised, by means of independent tracks.

Supply voltage

24 V

Charging voltage

110-230 V

Tracks speed

4 metres per minute

Autonomy with 1 charge

about 300 steps

Usage temperature

from 5 to 40 °C

Maximum permissible staircase inclination


Irreversible gear motors by means of electromagnetic brake. Advanced electronics with soft start and proportional joystick, Independent crawler tracks traction

possibility of 360-degree rotation with the tracks.

Increased track section compared to traditional track stairlifts for greater grip and safety

The company Zonzini Srl has the right to make changes and/or improvements to the products and/or components at any time, also without prior notice.

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