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The Zonzini stair climbers are for transporting goods and there to resolve the problems related to transport on staircases once and for all in a definitive way. Manual labour work does not have to be back-breaking or dangerous.

With our products here at Zonzini, we put those issues at that back of your mind. We have a wide range of stair climbers, hand trucks, stair robots, and more to help you with moving heavy white goods.

All our products ensure comfort, safety and reliability. They are made in accordance with rules and regulations. The quality of our products set us apart from our competition, and over the years have gained trust from our customers. We are aware that, in this sector, requirements vary from one customer to another, which is why our greatest value is to know how to listen.

They work either by using tracks, or battery powered motors. This allows you to spread the load comfortably, as well as making it easy and lightweight for yourself.

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“The introduction of the Zonzini has provided a more efficient method of installation and has substantially reduced the potential risk of injury to our installation contractors. Given its self-levelling capabilities and adaptability to various surroundings, the Zonzini will now be the preferred method of install for all of the future LVAC panels.”

London Underground

"Danny Byrne, Delivery Manager at our supplier VVB, added: “The Zonzini has outperformed our existing stair climbing equipment in both safety performance and ease of installation. Due to the recent successes, VVB will use the Zonzini for all future panel deliveries on the LVAC Project and also for UPS deliveries on other LU projects.”

Nathan Campbell, LU Asst. Project Manager

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